Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Save On Your Homeowners Insurance with a Florida Wind Mitigation Inspection

In a hurricane or other severe storms, homes are battered by heavy wind. Wind-damage mitigation features protect against wind damage by helping your home withstand these forces. Documenting the presence of qualifying mitigation features on your home through a wind mitigation inspection may save you money by helping you qualify for mitigation discounts on your insurance policy.

Common Wind-Damage Mitigation Features

  • Doors and windows designed to withstand wind pressure and projectiles
  • Storm shutters or panels that protect your windows and other openings from wind, rain and projectiles
  • Roofing materials and coverings that are rated are rated to resist high winds and water intrusion
  • Attachments for walls and roofs that are specially designed to prevent the roof from being blown off by severe winds
  • Roof and building shapes that are more resistant to high winds

Documenting the presence of these features on your home through a wind mitigation inspection conducted by an authorized wind mitigation inspector may save you money by qualifying you for wind-mitigation discounts on your policy.